Sad Love Quotes for Ex Girlfriend | Miss You Love Breakup Messages

Top Best Sad Heartbreak Quotes 2020 :-

Looking for best Sad Heartbreak Quotes? You have Come to right place. Read these quotes carefully and find best Sad Heartbreak Quotes for him/her to find right word to tell special person how much love her/him.

Sad Love Quotes for Ex Girlfriend | Miss You Love Breakup Messages

Sad Love Quotes for Ex Girlfriend | Miss You Love Breakup Messages

1) I never stopped loving you, I just stopped letting it show.

2) I deleted all your texts but I couldn’t purge the memories in my heart. I miss you.

3) I need an elevator which will take me to the heavens and back because I miss the angel in my life. I miss you girl.

4) I can’t forgive you, but that is a small problem. I can’t forget you either… that, is the big problem. I miss you.


5) I often close my eyes and pout my lips, hoping that I will be kissing you when I open my eyes again. I miss you.

6) I know we will never be able to fix what we have broken… but the bond that we once shared, is still second to none. I miss you.

7) Our breakup sucked the life out of me. Baby, come back and rescue me from my deathbed. I miss you.

8) I am the best thing that ever happened to you and you will end up alone and wishing you had me back.

9) You may have walked out of my life but I will never stop missing you because I never wanted to say goodbye. I miss you.

10) My heartbreak, that you have caused. But still, without you my life has paused. My ex, that you may be. But still, you mean the world to me. My past, that you are. But still, my dark night’s shining star.

11) Don’t judge a girl by her looks. You can never know what she is going through. May be she is too busy looking for broken pieces and memories which will never come back. ~Mia sandalwood

12) Sometimes I may not speak to you. Sometimes I may look away from you. Sometimes I may act difficult to be with. But that is only because I want to see if you really love me. ~Susan Williams

13) You have no idea what it feels like to go every day feeling like your missing something. ~Anonymous

14) You know how you don’t want to miss them, but you want them to miss you? ~Summerland

15) That’s the worst way to miss somebody. When they’re right inside you and you miss them anyway.

16) I don’t want you to see me, I’m broken down, torn up and lonely.

17) A broken heart isn’t what I want from this, but I guess I’ve learnt from it.

 18) It’s not even you that I really want back, it’s the pieces of me you took when you left.

19) You may have been my world, but there is someone else who is twice as better than you.

20) It’s once loneliness burned down what was left of my soul, that I selected to cover within the shadows. ~Christelle Billy

Sad Love Quotes for Ex Girlfriend | Miss You Love Breakup Messages

21) The worst part about loneliness is that you can be lonely even when you are not alone. ~Anonymous

22) Loneliness teaches ME everything during this world, Except how to forget the person who made me lonely. ~Prince Vij

23) People who are alone are often not lonely and people who are lonely are often not alone. Which one are you? ~Anonymous

24) Some nights ar created for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness. ~Poppy Z. Brite

25) You never feel truly alone in the world until you stand, alone, on your parent’s grave. ~Anonymous

26) Loneliness could be a author, it writes your deepest emotion of love and sadness at times when all you have is yourself. ~Mai Duarte

27) If there is love in this world, why I still felt lonely and lost. ~Meiliana

28) It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew. ~Anonymous

29) Can you imagine how terrible it is when you’ve got everything and you’re still desperately lonely? That is awful beyond words. ~Freddie Mercury

30) I didn’t want to admit it. It was easier to lie. Hide the hurt and emptiness to smile rather than cry. ~Anonymous

31) The worst feeling isn’t being lonely, sometimes it is being forgotten by someone you can’t forget. ~Anonymous

32) I prefer the darkness. It makes it tougher on behalf of me to appear around and see simply however alone i actually am. ~Skitz

33) I was exhausted with the two of us uncertain of our way, we halted on a plateau lonelier than desert paths. ~Dante: Purgatorio

34) Loneliness is cruel. It hurts you deep inside and when you think that it can’t get any worse, it gets way worse. ~Anonymous

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